Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – July and August, 2017

Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – July and August, 2017

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July and August were busy months not just for Mary and I but also for all the NTCP families working out on the road. Out of the several churches we could have gone to help we ended up in Clarksville, Arkansas at Clarksville Baptist Church. The congregation here is looking forward to the completion of a 40 foot x 30 foot barn style building with enough seating for 50 people to gather for worship. This building will be used for the sanctuary area until a new “old style” church building can be built. (see the picture on the left) The “barn” will then be used for children’s ministries.

Mary and I got started by installing some ceiling fans with lights and hanging the last bit of sheetrock. We were then able to get the mudding and taping done, the walls sanded and textured then painted. Mary took a couple days putting several coats of stain and polyurethane on the front door for “the barn” which really looked great.

Some friends donated a refrigerator, sink and counter top to the ministry here which will help to “fancy up” the kitchen area.

In August we went to Madison, Alabama for a couple weeks to help David and Sharyn Finley with the work they were doing on the Lighthouse Baptist Church building. We were able to put some siding, soffit and fascia on the building, and get the panic hardware on the exit doors.

When we returned to Clarksville we were joined for a weekend by Darrell and Trish Miller, friends from our home Church, Wilson Creek Baptist Church. Darrell and I were able to wire up some additional lighting in the sanctuary while they were here. The end of August found us still in Clarksville Arkansas helping Pastor Ken Pennington and his wife, Ella, with a work they’re continuing here. They are planning a grand reopening of the church here that is now 3 years old. The reopening is scheduled for the 24th of September. Please pray for them that many souls will be drawn closer to Christ due to their efforts here.

Our plans are to finish up here at Clarksville, then to go back to our home church, Wilson Creek Baptist Church in October and help with the Home Missions Conference in October. Thank you so much for your kindness to us, your prayers, and the financial support that allows the New Testament Church Planting ministry to help churches with their construction needs.