New Testament Church Planting

New Testament Church Planting is a ministry of Wilson Creek Baptist Church

Dr. Bob Perryman founded NTCP in 1990. As a veteran pastor and former Baptist Bible Fellowship President, Dr. Perryman recognized a great need among newly planted churches in the US. They were young and unable to establish credit and borrow to build and expand the church property. Often these young churches couldn’t afford to borrow money anyway. This inability to expand church facilities often hampered growth. When Dr. Perryman retired from pastoring, he started NTCP to meet that need.

NTCP has been going strong for over 31 years and has saved God’s people over $6,000,000 and countless hours of labor.

NTCP is composed of faithful, committed men and women who travel the USA, going from state to state – church to church assisting with church building projects. The NTCP labor is at no cost to the church. Each team member’s family raises monthly support from other Baptist churches.