Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – Nov and Dec 2021

Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – Nov and Dec 2021

Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – November and December, 2021

We have way too much to tell you about so here is the abbreviated version of what happened this last two months.

Thanks to a Pastor that has a vision which goes far beyond the walls of our local church Mary and I found ourselves in Nome, Alaska. On November 2nd we flew from Kansas City Missouri to Anchorage Alaska, then on to Nome the next day. Two missionaries from the Anchorage area, John Pinnix and Justin Ross had supplies waiting for us when we arrived in Nome. The four of us along with Nome locals, David and Sarah Savage, were able to completely strip and redo two full bathrooms in four days along with hanging some sheetrock on the sanctuary ceiling. It was a great trip, even saw the northern lights our first night in Nome. Pray for the church in Nome as they are in need of a shepherd to minister to the town of 4000 souls.

When we returned to Missouri we met up with Steve and Deb Worrell. We were able to help a little more with Cavalry Baptist Church in Branson, hanging sheet rock, texturing, and painting.

On November 30th Mary and I, along with the Worrells went to Glenrock Wyoming and helped the Glenrock Baptist Church family by painting the interior of their new church building, about 12,000 square feet. It was a great time of fellowship getting to know another group of God’s children.

On December 20th we hooked up our trailers and headed to Artesia New Mexico to help New Hope Baptist Church with an extensive remodeling job of their facility.

Our plans: to work in Artesia for a couple of months while the worst of winter passed to the north.

November and December, 2021
Karl and Mary Badalian