Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – Sep and Oct, 2021

Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – Sep and Oct, 2021

Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – September and October, 2021

September and October were busy months doing various projects. We were still digging at Wilson Creek Baptist Church, this time running water lines so we are not 100% dependent on our well working.

I got to go down to Seymour Missouri for a couple of days, helping concrete in the plumbing for the apartments they will be building and helped with sheet rock work one day.

At our pastors urging we went and looked at two jobs, one in Mason Baptist Church in Mason City Iowa, a church building that needs remodeled and also is in need of a pastor to shepherd it. Our second stop was in Thorpe Wisconsin at Victory Baptist Church, an existing church building that needs some remodeling to make it more useful. Both of these projects will be jobs for next spring.

Arriving back home we worked at Calvery Baptist Church in Branson Missouri. We were able to help by insulating a main air conditioning duct, painting the ceiling black to hide the ducting, and hanging the top three courses of sheet rock. Our current plan is to finish the sheet rock work and paint in November and then possibly return in the spring and help with an extensive remodel of the front of the sanctuary which would include redoing the platform area, installing a Baptistry, and building a missions apartment.

Pastor Moody surprised us in October by “asking” us to go to Nome Alaska in November. I tried to tell our pastor it was winter there, but as usual my plans were not the same as God’s plans.
We look forward to telling you about our trip up north in our next newsletter. Please pray for us.

Our plans: Nome Alaska, Branson Missouri and Glenrock Wyoming.

September and October, 2021
Karl and Mary Badalian