Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – Jan and Feb 2022

Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – Jan and Feb 2022

Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – January and February, 2022

For those of you that are familiar with construction you will agree with me that sometimes it looks like you’re getting a lot of work done and other times the work seems to progress more slowly.

The end of February marked the second month that we have been in Artesia New Mexico.

One of the main things we wanted to get done was a remodel of the bathroom facilities. This project was on hold awaiting permits so we busied ourselves doing other much-needed work. We remodeled the existing prophet’s chamber which had become a storage area. We removed the existing collection of furniture and other church related items, stripped out a couple of unneeded closets, fixed a large hole in the ceiling, scraped off the popcorn ceiling texture and installed new LED lighting. After installing additional outlets we textured the walls and ceiling and gave the area a fresh coat of paint.

In the fellowship area we remove some outdated fluorescent lights and crawled through a very dusty attic to install 40 LED lights on three different circuits to light the fellowship and kitchen areas. Also in the fellowship area a wood wall was finished by Mary and Deb. We patched up several bad spots in the ceiling and remove some more popcorn texture from the ceilings.

We were able to remove a low ceiling in the main hallway that was housing heating ducts. A new heating system was installed with the ducting in the attic then we removed the paneling covering the walls and sheetrocked the whole thing.

It was a blessing to have the men of the church building along with us and the ladies of the church fixing us meals. New Hope Baptist Church has become another of our church families.

Our plans: to work in Artesia completing the bathrooms and a couple of other projects.

January and February, 2022
Karl and Mary Badalian