Newsletter from Pastor Randall Moody – Second Quarter 2021

Newsletter from Pastor Randall Moody – Second Quarter 2021

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Dear NTCP Partners,

Summertime is upon us with all the activities that are a part of it. Travel, lakes, rivers, and parks are full of individuals and families who are spending time relaxing and shaking off the mundane effects of life on a daily basis.

Churches have navigated through all the circumstances that are the results of “the virus” and no matter what your opinion or my opinion is concerning COVID-19 it has had an unsettling effect on our nation and the world.

We must keep in mind that no matter what the mindset of humanity is concerning life in general or the fears of death, God is still on the throne. One of our goals through New Testament Church Planting is to remain an encouragement to not only new start up churches but also many who are struggling and yet have a desire to see souls saved.

Our crews have been moving farther north and west while working with remodeling as well as new construction.

NTCP acquired an excellent building in Mason City, Iowa where the church was closing. We maintain these buildings until a church planter is sent and then the building is transferred to the new church. At this time Wilson Creek Baptist Church provides funds needed for insurance and other upkeep on these buildings until the new congregation can take responsibility for their own facilities.

Please pray for Karl Badalian as he has taken the lead as our work coordinator. He and his wife Mary have been such a blessing to this ministry as well as many churches. Brother Ray still assists in many ways but needed the load of all the phone calls lifted, as well as the travel required to organize all the projects.

We appreciate all the prayers and support from all who faithfully helps us to help others.

Thank You
Randall Moody