Newsletter from Mrs Moody – First Quarter 2018

Newsletter from Mrs Moody – First Quarter 2018

Dear NTCP friends and family,

Jan 2018

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One of the blessings of this time of year is the chance it gives us to connect with you, our friends and family. We’ve had a happy, busy year here in the Moody household!

My husband had 2 strokes in the pulpit on May 3. He has no lasting effects of the strokes but has lost about 45 lbs. on purpose. We are very thankful for God’s faithful care.

We celebrated 45 years of marriage by going on an Alaskan cruise the end of May with my sister Phyllis and her husband Rick. We had a wonderful time of food, fun and lots of time to sit and visit.

Our children and grandchildren are all doing well. We are so thankful for the blessing that God has given to us such a special family.

We celebrated 33 years at Wilson Creek Baptist Church in June. Our church family is growing, and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of
folks. Our children’s departments are out growing their classrooms, which is a good thing. We are praying for more land just north of the church. We
thought when we built this building after the tornado of 2003, we would be 25 years down the road as far as facilities are concerned. God has a much bigger plan than we could have ever imagined. Looking forward to the years ahead!!

My 2 yr. checkup in November with my breast cancer was all clear and now I only must go back every year instead of every 6 months to have the mammogram and visit with the oncologist.

I had my left knee replaced on Oct 10 and I’m still in recovery from that. I really thought I wanted both done before the end of the year but rethinking that at this point.

Recovery has been very slow because, after the breast cancer, my lymph system on the left side of my body has either been destroyed or severely impaired. Lots of swelling and bruising that will get better, it just takes me longer than most. Thankful for the health God has given to me.

Thank you for your faithful support of New Testament Church Planting. Much has been accomplished in 2017 because of our faithful crews and your financial sacrifice.

We pray this letter finds you all rejoicing in what God has done for you in this past year and looking forward to the new year ahead. We serve a mighty God!!

Happy New Year!!
Serving til He comes,
Mrs. Randall Moody 417.881.8922
Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.