Newsletter from Pastor Randall Moody – Third Quarter 2017

Newsletter from Pastor Randall Moody – Third Quarter 2017

Falling forward under complete control.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Time change is upon us and it reminds me of the fact that man may change his clock but has no control over time. With that thought in mind, we have attempted to use our time wisely and yet we are still behind on things.

My wife of 45 years had complete knee replacement surgery two weeks ago and is doing well with her physical therapy. I have recognized her value for many years but once again while she is recovering, I am made aware of how truly important our God given help meets are. My wife will not be including a letter this month but sends her best wishes and prayers to the wives of our supporters.

All of our work crews are healthy and working except for the Wayne Murphy family.

He is at home having tests run on his heart. Please pray for him that he would be strong and back to work soon.

Six of our families are working east of the Mississippi and we have one in Katy, TX, doing a flooring job after the flooding there. We have not responded in force after the hurricanes because of previous commitments.

Our priority is helping churches get their first building. Two of our building families will be going to Yonkers, NY, to attend the 25th anniversary of a Spanish work there where Pastor Rolondo Arias and the good people are very close to acquiring land to erect a building they have already purchased. Our role at this point is helping them to maneuver through the process of permits and planning. I would ask you to pray for
wisdom for them and a smooth process.

Our annual Church Planting Conference was also a great success with 41 church planters attending and presenting their place of service. Offerings were taken, and the total given this year through the offering plates was $105,000.

Thank you for your faithful support and continued prayers.

–Pastor Randall Moody
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