Newsletter from Pastor Randall Moody – First Quarter 2021

Newsletter from Pastor Randall Moody – First Quarter 2021

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Dear Family and Friends,

Genesis 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

What a wonderful time of the year as we see new life coming into nature all around us. Our God has given us an earth that systematically goes through each season with purpose from His design. Certainly, this is not true of humanity as we know it.Since sin came into the picture, man has turned from God‘s plan to his own plan. It is the grace of God that allows each of us the opportunity to have eternal life, as well as a life of purpose here on this earth.

Our New Testament Church Planting team has continued to stay the course and is seeingGod’s blessings as we assist churches to have adequate facilities.Our teams are in Mississippi and Iowa finishing projects before moving north. We have several projects waiting our arrival, but the needs are much greater than we have people to cover.Please pray with us as we seek God’s will in touching the hearts of retired people to join us.

Another area of great concern to me (and I am sure to many pastors and churches) is the number of churches that are closing their doors and liquidating their property.We just acquired another church building in Mason City, Iowa and are looking for a Church Planter who would be willing to go to that area. I thank the Lord for pastors who seek out help when they feel they can no longer go on and ask someone to take over the work to see it move forward. I have heard it said,“sell the property and give the money to missions”, but I believe that is shortsighted advice. The biblical plan is to help churches grow so that money can be given to missionaries on a continuous basis.

New Testament Church Planting has acquired several buildings over the years and each one that we have taken over still has a vibrant work for the cause of Christ.Wilson Creek Baptist Church will pay the utilities and insurance on any building that we acquire until we can get a pastor in place and, as the church grows, they can take on financial responsibilities as they are able.

We had two loans that completed their responsibilitiesthis quarter and now their churches are debt-free. We have a church also now that has made application in the past and we are looking at making a loan to them.

Thank You
Randall Moody