Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – March and April, 2021

Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – March and April, 2021

Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – March and April, 2021

We were privileged to start off the month of March as guests of Chapel Street Baptist Church in Landis North Carolina. We had worked previously with Pastor Jenkins and the church family at Chapel Street and they had recently taken us on for support and invited us to attend their missions conference. We had a wonderful time of fellowship including a burger and chocolate shake in Mount Airy at the soda shop Andy Griffith worked at as a youth.

Looking back at the pictures of the past couple of months it is amazing how far we have come on the work in Picayune. Several church members helped with pouring a 30’ x 30’ concrete pad and sidewalks around the building. We were able to finish the upper bunk room nicknamed THE LOFT. In the loft we painted, installed the metal ceiling, lights, interior doors, carpeting, andmade a counter top seating area. We also enclosed the return air duct in a chase made out of stained pallet wood. It looked really good when we got done. It will be wonderful to see what God does in the lives of the people utilizing that part of the facility.

In the main (training area) and classrooms we mudded sheetrock, installed lights, and finished wiring outlets and switches. A lot of the trim workgot done including trimming out the stairs leading to “the loft” bunkroom.

We were able to build a chair closet in the fellowship area of the existing building to help them better utilize that area.

In the midst of our other work we took a few days to help our friend Adam Perkins with a flooring project at Grace Independent Baptist Church in Ocean Springs Mississippi.

Our plans: to finish the project here in Picayune then return to our home church to help with youth camps in June. July should find us in Wyoming unless God changes our plans.

March and April, 2021
Karl and Mary Badalian